Week 3 Back to Reality – 3 Tips to Get out the Door on Time

Monday marked my 3rd week back to work after being on Maternity Leave. So far, so hard. Lol! I’m slowly starting to get used to getting into a routine of leaving her for the day, but it’s still my least favorite thing. I would much rather be at home with her any day. I’m here to tell all those working momma’s out there, there are good days and there are bad days. You will have days that you say, “yeah I can totally do this”, and then days where you literally have a complete meltdown in the bathroom at work. It’s definitely hard to hand your baby off to someone else to take care of her and get to spend all their with her! It’s helped a lot that Rylie is so laid back and such a great baby. She does pretty good with most people, so this week at her first day at the babysitters she did great! She had a little friend to play with all day and she loved it! It makes it a lot easier to go to work knowing that she’s a happy camper.


Since I have been testing out new ways to get myself ready and out the door on time, I have found several things that help me with the morning process! I am sharing 3 tips below to help you get yourself and baby out the door on time for work and daycare! I’m not a pro by any means, but I’ve found these tips to be very helpful and essential to me leaving the house on time, so that I’m not late for work! So far, so good on that point!


  1. Pick tomorrows outfit for yourself and for baby the night before. You don’t want to be running around trying on several different outfits, or trying to find those pants you just knew were clean that morning! Sometimes if I’m not sure how I’m going to feel on my outfit the next day, I choose two different outfits, just incase I wake up in a different mood. As you know by now, it’s not only you anymore you have to get ready, so make sure to pick that little sweetie’s outfit for the next day too!
  2. Pack the baby’s diaper bag the night before. Make sure you have everything baby will need at the babysitters the next day. This way you’re less likely to forget something, while trying to rush getting the bag packed the morning of.  You’ll thank me later! You can also check the bag four times if you want this way!
  3. Wake up at least 30 minutes to an hour before baby, if you can. This can be the time that you get yourself all together. Wait to get dressed incase baby spits up or other bodily functions happen, so that you don’t have to change your outfit before you even leave the house. I really enjoy doing this, and even though I am so tired waking up that much earlier, it is so worth it because then I can spend that extra time with Rylie before we have to leave. Usually that times spent feeding her and just cuddling before I get her ready to head out. So when it works out that way, I love it!
These 3 things have helped me out immensely in making sure to leave the house on time. I also absolutely of course turn on my Keurig and get my cup a fillin with coffee while I get ready (that cup helps a lot, having to get up an hour before Rylie does). I’m still picking up tips and tricks as I go, and I hope to continue sharing them with you all here! Make sure to share any tips you have down below!
~XO, K

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