Baby Loves – 3 Months

Our sweet girl is already 3 months this Monday! I can’t believe how quick the time goes by. Since Monday marks 3 months for Rylie it’s also marks my 3 months of maternity leave and I will be returning back to work 🙁. I’ve been having a really hard time with this and thinking about leaving her all day 5 days a week, but I’m hoping once we get into a routine we will be ok. Anyways, that’s for another post! I’m here today, to tell you what items have been my favorite for Rylie! Some things have stayed the same from month 1, but some items have changed!
  • Diapers – Huggies Little Snugglers – I tried the snug and dry and they were not my favorite. They were too “stiff” and made Rylie get a little rash so we constantly had to make sure she had diaper cream on! I don’t mind the snug and dry Pampers, but they don’t seem to hold much and again the tabs are so small! That’s why I mainly like Huggies, they’re more absorbent and the tabs are a lot nicer!
  • Johnson’s Baby Gel – It’s very moisturizing and smells like baby! We absolutely love it! We put it on right after Rylie comes out of the bath.
  • Bath – We purchased this bath from Babies R Us, and I have to say I like it a lot! I’m not straining over Rylie trying to hold her the whole time. She can lay flat in the small bath part. The only thing I don’t like is that only a little bit of her is wet and her feet don’t get wet at all. I understand they do this to prevent your kid from drowning, but poor Rylie gets cold quick and I’m constantly trying to run water over her to keep her warm! Most tubs are like this for babies though, I just keep a cup on hand to keep pouring water over her! I like that this bath will grow with her too, and she can use the bottom part as a step stool later on!
  • Still lovin the piano activity mat! – You can find the link for this in the Month 1 Favorites post.
  • Dr. Brown bottles – I’ve mentioned these before, but I recently got a free one that is the “options” one, meaning you can use it without the airflow tube if you wanted, and I like these ones so much more because they prevent spills  from coming out the bottom of the lid!
  • “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” – we bought Rylie this fun book to teach her her name when she gets older. We still read books to Rylie now, so we have definitely read this to her already. She absolutely loves the colors and it is definitely her favorite one to look at.
  • Apple Watch – this is a momma love ❤️ if you can afford one or really any smart watch I’m sure, you’ll love it! I love having it with Rylie bc I can keep track of when she ate and how long it’s been ( you can use any watch for that) but I love the workout apps I can get on there when we go running! There’s also an app if you breastfeed that you can keep track of what side you feed on each time! It’s nice to have the watch bc I can be hands free, and having a baby your hands are always occupied taking care of little one! I can answer phone calls from my watch and respond to texts! It’s really a nice “accessory” to have that also helps with some day to day things.

Just a little secret (but it’s not a secret at all) is you use Dr.Brown bottles, at Babies R Us they always have a “free” one. So if you spend at least $25, then you get that promotional one they have for free! It’s pretty neat, and we all know we can easily spend $25 (that’s one can of formula or a box of diapers), so why not get a free bottle out of the deal!? There should be a little sign hanging by the bottle that they are running that promotion for, but keep in mind that some Babies R Us stores may not do this, so make sure to ask your local store about it.

As I mentioned above with the Apple Watch, we recently started running and I now realize I definitely need to invest in a jogging stroller. I took our regular stroller out running and now it’s squeaking like crazy, it’s definitely not meant for running! If you guys have any suggestions on what jogging strollers you like let me know!

I can’t wait to share what other favorites Rylie and I find as she continues to grow!

~XO, K


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