Time and Time Again

Time and Time again, I start a blog, I get tons of great ideas flowing, get a few posts up and am feeling great about the blog… and then I hit a wall. It never fails. I am on my third blog, and this one by far has been one of my best. This is because, with each blog I learn more. I learn more about the layout design what makes it interesting, what things to write about that both interest me and hopefully bring my followers to my blog, and to not let it stress me out. I am a perfectionist, so I want something to go perfect and hit the ground running as soon as I begin. Blogging, has taught me patience, because even though there are anomalies that their blogs blow up within months, it’s not going to happen to everyone over night. Although, I’ll tell you what… it would sure be nice if it did!

I’m just going to consider this a coffee chat, which we are on number 6 now! I’ve been trying to wrack my brain for some fun blog posts to put up, and I’m still wracking my brain. I have quite a few stories regarding my sweet baby, but I always think to myself, who honestly wants to hear about this? Especially if you’re not a mother yourself it’s completely boring. It’s true that really, only I am entertained by the little things my kid does, that other people would be like.. big whoop, give us something more to read about! So I am searching and trying to find my “niche” in this blogging world. A niche that I won’t easily get bored with, and still find time to do it while working my full time job and taking care of my family. I’m still working on it, so for any of the readers that I have now, we will struggle through it together and hopefully come out with something amazing!

~XO, K


One thought on “Time and Time Again

  1. Brenda L Gross says:

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