Valentine’s Crafts

I am seriously in love with Mason Jars, any craft I can find with mason jars I usually do, and my favorite is spray painting them. Mostly, I like to spray paint them because it’s the easiest way to change the look of the mason jar to any color I want! This previous weekend, my friend and I finally got to have a craft weekend (that we had been immensely missing out on while I was pregnant). We had previously made some fall decor for our house, that both of us guiltily admitted that we kept out all year long, because we loved them so much! We scoured Pinterest and found some Valentines decor that we could make to replace the fall ones, and now we’re on a  mission to make St. Pattys, Easter, Christmas, etc!


This project really is very simple, you buy spray paint in “valentines colors” and paint the jars. We chose to go more muted with the colors and not do bright flashes of pinks or reds. We stuck with a burgundy red, ballerina pink, and cream white. The hardest part of the whole thing was creating the heart that went on the second cream mason jar. We used a decorative ribbon that we found at hobby lobby rolled up two sides and created the heart shape. After doing that there was a blank area with no ribbon on the bottom part of the heart, so we took another piece and rolled it up to fit that space and filled it in. Then took little pieces of the ribbon to fill in the holes. We used a hot glue gun to glue it all together and stick it to the burlap on the mason jar.


We had lots of laughs while we spray painted the jars, either it was lots of fun or the paint fumes were pretty strong… either way it was FUN! Then, we both did a little bit of cussing making the heart ribbon and choosing the flowers, which usually always happens when we’re crafting. Choosing the flowers this time was very hard because you have to buy enough to fill each jar but not break the bank. We finally settled on some dark pink and white roses, that we’re not 100% happy with, but they’re growing on us.

Even if you and your friends aren’t super crafty, it is a fun time to get together with your girlfriends and make something fun for your home!

Until our next crafty weekend,



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