Coffee Chat # 5?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a coffee chat.. so I’m not 100% sure what number we’re on, I’m thinking it’s 5 now. I could technically go check really quick, but time is of the essence when you’re trying to get a blog out while the baby sleeps! So 5 it is!

I think I found a new addiction! As I’ve gotten older I’ve been more drawn to wearing lipstick but I hated how after what felt like even a few minutes it would be rubbed off and I’d be reapplying, or with most stains it would wear down in the middle and I’d be left looking like I seriously screwed up on some lip liner. I’m sure you have heard about lipsense by now; I have been hearing about it like crazy lately and couldn’t help but debate to try it out every other day, the only thing holding me back was the price! I finally just decided I would give it a try, If this stuff was as good as everyone was raving about, then it would be worth the cost. It totally was worth the price! Getting started was a little more because I had to purchase the color and the gloss but now that I’m addicted I can just purchase a color and only need to get the gloss when I run out. The gloss is $20 and the color is $25 a bottle. I’d also recommend getting the remover as well for $10 because this stuff seriously does stay on for at least 10 hours

This stuff really does live up to all the hype you’ve been hearing about it. It doesn’t smear or rub off on anything and seriously lasts for a long time! It’s absolutely amazing, no more looking like I don’t know how to apply lipstick or screwed up with some lip liner. 😂 Ladies, you should definitely try this out if you like wearing lipstick and have suffered the same struggles I did! My favorite so far (I’ve only tried two colors, because as I said these are pretty pricey) is precious topaz. It gives me that color that I’m looking for, yet isn’t too much! If any of you have a favorite color that you like, let me know! I will definitely be buying more colors in the near future!

That’s all I have for today’s coffee chat – just my newfound love for lipsense! I do not sell lipsense, but I am sure you can google lipsense and find a distributor  in your area!

~XO, K

*all images in this post are from LipSense by SeneGence




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