Photoshop Bright Eyes Tutorial

Good Morning, Friends!


I have been scouring Pinterest for photo editing tutorials in Photoshop/Lightroom! Today I stumbled across one to create brighter eyes in Photoshop! I have included the link below, her blog is really great and she has a ton of tutorials and tons of actions to download, some which are free and some that are fairly cheap!

After following her tutorial and using the Bright Eyes action she provided, and doing a few tweaks of my own, here is what I came up with! I have to say that it turned out pretty well, and surprising that when I thought the eyes seemed okay before, they look way better now! You can see her pretty blue eyes really pop in the second picture! Give it a try on your photos!

In this process, I’ve found that I like to start out in Lightroom, adjusting the exposure, shadows and highlights, etc. Then after I do that I will take them into Photoshop and tweak them more, like making the eyes brighter, clearing the skin up, or adding a more “warm glow”. I’m still just learning how to use both platforms for editing, but Pinterest has been a great tool in finding tips and tricks!


~XO, K

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