DIY Headband/Bow Holder

So it’s been really hard for me because most of the crafts that I decide to embark on include some sort of spray painting or staining, things that I’m technically not supposed to be doing while I am pregnant. It’s been a big bummer, but luckily my husband has been a trooper and helped me with some of my crafts by doing that first step for me (such a sweetheart).

My most recent DIY was creating a headband holder that I saw somewhere on Pinterest! Unfortunately there wasn’t a tutorial on the one that I had pinned, but it looked easy enough! See below for the items needed to create these adorable headband holders and how-to!


  • 2 24”x 5.5″ wood panels
  • sand paper
  • small clothes pins (14 – 16 total)
  • hot glue gun
  • spray paint (color of your choice)
  • paint or stain (color of your choice)


Seriously, creating this was super easy, and I know a lot of DIY/crafters will say that and I try it myself and I’m cussing up a storm saying “easy my *$#!”, lol… we’ve all been there. As long as you know how to use a hot glue gun and paint/stain, you will have no problems!

  1. Sand the wood down if you’re going to be staining, so that the wood takes to the stain and has an easier time soaking it in.
  2. Stain or paint the wood in the color of your choice. I stained the fronts and the sides, but I left the back side alone, no one is going to see that side because it will be against the wall.
  3. Lay out the clothes pins in a straight line on some paper or a surface you don’t care about getting spray painted. Spray paint one side, after a few minutes flip them over and spray paint the other side.
  4. Let the wood and the clothes pins dry completely before moving onto the next step. Just to be safe I let mine dry for about 24 hours – especially if you stain the wood, you want to give the wood time to absorb the color.
  5. Using a tape measure I measured on both sides about 2.5″ and placed clothes pins on each end at that mark. Then I measured where the middle was between the two clothes pins and placed another clothes pin there (DO NOT GLUE THEM DOWN YET!). Once I had all three set up I just eyeballed the rest of the clothes pins on distance from each other.
  6. Once I had the clothes pins all laid out to my liking, I started gluing them down using the glue gun. I started at one end of the board and worked my way to the other end, being careful not to shuffle the clothes pins around. Place one small dot of glue under the clothes pin and press it down over the top – as we all know hot glue dries pretty quickly, so you don’t need to hold it long.
And that’s that! You can dress it up however you want, you can paint fun designs on there or use sand paper to make it look more rustic (make sure you do that before you put the clothes pins on). I used an arrow stamp I had with gold ink, and pressed those into the top, which just gave it a more fun feel, and went along with the theme of her room! What’s so fun about this DIY, is there are literally so many different directions that you could go into creating this. I went with staining mine a dark brown, only because it matched the furniture in her room, and I went gold and pink on the clothes pins, because that is the color theme of her room! You could definitely play it up and paint the board instead of staining, and there are so many different colors to choose from in paint!

Make sure that you tag me on Instagram if you make your own, I would love to see all the different variations that can be created from this, use the hashtag #xokeevesheadbandholder.

~XO, K


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