Coffee Chat #4

Good Morning, Lovelies!

This chat today, is mostly going to be about my recent post from my maternity shoot, outfits, nail polish, hair, etc.! I am ready to get that done and move onto the next big things that need to be taken care of, like get the car seat installed in my Jeep, get the hospital bags packed, go on our hospital tour, and wash the babies clothes and blankets! The weeks are counting down, and I feel like there is so much to do still!

I haven’t painted my nails with actual nail polish in 8 months, I’m not an extremist on the things they say you can and can’t do, but I just ended up not painting my nails forever and it ended up being easier than redoing them constantly. I will admit though, I forgot how much I LOVED having my nails painted! It’s just something about it that makes me feel more girly and gives outfits more personality! In the photos I recently posted from the Maternity Shoot, I am wearing Sally Hansen “Commander in Chic”. I love the color because it’s more a neutral greige color and goes with almost any outfit, so it’s a perfect fit when you can’t paint your nails all the time!

The outfits I chose for the shoot were mainly because of the Fall weather I was LOVING, and they went perfect for this season. I purchased the jeans and maroon 3/4” sleeve shirt at Kohl’s in the Maternity section. I am in love with this shirt it’s perfect for showing off my ever growing pregnant belly, and the color and little amount of lace is so cute! For my second outfit I went with a white shirt that was purchased at Target, and a plaid shirt (perfect for fall, am I right?!) that I purchased from Old Navy. I looove plaid, and actually have a ridiculous amount of plaid shirts, but I did recently have to go and get a larger size because of the size of my belly, and Old Navy is perfect to find the plaid shirts, and it was only about $20!

For my hair, I went with a more textured/beachy curl. I just recently cut my hair and loved the new layers and texture that I got, so the curls just came out better than they were before when my hair was just “blah” (you know what I’m talking about?!). I used a regular clip curling iron, and alternated the curls every other strand, not curling every piece of hair. You can see the photos on the previous post I put up “Maternity Shoot”.
Now I’m just patiently (impatiently) waiting for our little girl to arrive – a little less than 4 weeks now! Let me know in the comments below, things that you did to pass the time while you were waiting for your sweet bundle of joy to arrive! Stay tuned tomorrow for a How-To on DIY Headband Holders, for all those sweet handbands/bows you are sure to have if you have any girls!
~XO, K

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