Maternity Photos – Tips on How to Do Them Yourself!

In an effort to save money to spend more money towards baby, I decided I would try and take my own maternity photos. Which first off… HAHA!… this turned out to be a little harder than I thought but I got some funny memories out of it. Like my husband made me laugh so hard, I literally peed my pants a little bit (oh the joys of pregnancy)! Below are a few tips on how to take your own photos when you don’t have a photographer at hand! Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t hire a photographer to take your photos, because it is definitely easier and your guaranteed to get some great photos without the hassle, but this is a great option if you’re just looking for a few quick poses.

  • First tip, you definitely need a tripod for this to even remotely work. Don’t try to set your nice camera on top of things or hang it from something to try and get your photos, that is just too risky and asking for the camera to be dropped! I bought a cheap tripod at Best Buy for $20, and it has worked well for me!
  • Plan the shot out on the camera, and make sure that you have plenty of time to get from the camera to your spot and posed quickly! This works better if you’re doing shots that aren’t close up, because even if you don’t get to the exact spot, you can fix this in editing with cropping, just make sure you are for sure in the lens and don’t have the top of your head being cut off or half of your body out of the frame.
  • The timer is your friend! This is basically (at this point) the only way that I can take my own photos! I haven’t found a way to change the length of the timer, but I believe it is set at about 10 seconds. This is plenty of time to press the button and get to your spot, unless you are trying to take a super far distance shot – then it might be a little harder.
  • Along with the timer, make sure you have the camera set up to take several photos at one time. I would say for this you want it to take at least 3 photos minimum, incase one of you blinks or you don’t quite make it to your spot, you still have the few shots to capture the photo.
  • Last, don’t worry too much about perfection on the shot. You of course still want to try to get the best shot, so there is little editing, but the beauty of it all is that you can sometimes make the not so best shot perfect in editing! When editing my photos I use Light Room and Photoshop together, but my main editing is done in Light Room.
However, yes it is free to take your own portrait photos, you miss out on those good candid shots that an actual photographer would get, and the more creative shots they would get. You really only can get the super posed, one sort of distance shots, so if you are looking for something that’s just a quick family photo for your Christmas cards, this option works great. But I would 100% recommend hiring a photographer for professional quality family photos otherwise. Make sure to check out my blog from last week to see how my own photos turned out!
~XO, K

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