Coffee Chat #3

Hello Friends! Welcome to another round of coffee chat, where I ramble on aimlessly about random thoughts for the week!

Last weekend I ordered the cutest headbands for baby girl from Posh Peanut Kids on Etsy! I posted a photo on my Instagram account if you missed it! I plan to purchase quite a few headbands and bows for our girl to wear, and will be making a headband holder in the near future to hold on those cute headbands! And if I didn’t have enough of a shopping problem as it was, now add headband obsession to the list… my husbands thrilled.

I bought some fabric at Hobby Lobby, probably a month ago now, to attempt to make “no sew” curtains. I finally got around to making one curtain Monday, and I have to say the process is literally as easy as they make it sound… which NEVER happens when they say a craft is going to be “so easy”. I’m the one sitting at the table attempting the super easy craft, cussing up a storm, wondering why in the hell didn’t I just buy it instead of putting myself through the misery of making it myself. Then, I get done and feel pretty proud of myself for creating whatever it was I was making! But low-key, don’t ask me to make you one because I’m never doing it again. The curtains though, are really easy, and so awesome for all of us not gifted with sewing skills! I’m hoping that they actually last, and the fabric tape doesn’t end up coming undone. Will keep you updated! I found a tutorial on Pinterest (of course) there are literally a ton of tutorials to choose from.

I started using an photo editing app on my iPhone called After Light, and so far I’m really liking it! The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t really get any of my photos to “pop” or get that deep color with this app. They all seem to have some sort of faded haze, which is cool, but sometimes I’m looking for a different effect and just can’t achieve it with this app. I also use another photo editing app called ColorStory, which was designed by bloggers A Beautiful Mess! They have TONS of filters and effects, and you can manually adjust things like the clarity, contrast, curves, etc. I believe the app is completely free, which makes it even BETTER, but they also have filter packs that you can purchase for fairly cheap which is nice!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far, and hey we’re half way there to the weekend now!

~XO, K


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