10 Ways to Get Through the Struggles of Pregnancy

As we all know there are days when pregnancy just gets you down, or the hormones alone have you sobbing that your husband didn’t read your mind and get you those peanut butter rice krispies you obviously wanted. I had a few days where, yes I know I’m pregnant, but geeze I just felt more like a fat lard… especially on the days where I started not being able to fit in ANY of my old clothes. Fear not though ladies, you will get through those days where you feel less than beautiful! Just keep telling yourself that you will be holding a sweet beautiful baby in your arms. Below are 10 ways that I found to get through my pregnancy lows.

  1. Follow women on Twitter who are going through/or have been through pregnancy. I found a couple twitter handles that I LOVED because they had me laughing every day at how relatable they were. It made me feel better to know, I wasn’t alone in the struggles of pregnancy. I even put a few funny/sarcastic tweets of my own about pregnancy! Just search #pregnancy, and you’ll find all kinds of funny content!
  2. Pinterest – Just like you plan your whole wedding on Pinterest, plan your whole pregnancy and anything involving baby on Pinterest. I made a Baby K board, and put literally everything baby on there. Then I created a Pregnancy board and put all the tips and tricks I found to get through pregnancy. AND.. you better believe as soon as I found out we were having a girl I created my dream nursery on Pinterest. Give a try, it’s fun and time sucking! 😛
  3. Go for a walk – I tried to keep up with my workout regimen and failed, but if you can get up and go for a walk even if it’s only 15 minutes, you will feel better. Plus it’s just nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!
  4. Same as the Twitter advice above, find Mommy Blogs to follow! There are a ton of other women going through the same thing as you!
  5. Cry – There are times where you just want to cry, for no reason. It’s okay to let into it and have a good cry!
  6. Yoga – I am not a huge yoga fan, but being at 31 weeks and short as can be (5’0), I have had some major back pains all day every day, and Yoga helps to stretch out my poor achy body.
  7. Take a day to yourself to just relax, just truly relax; no cleaning, laundry, or activity! Take naps and enjoy some R&R while binge watching Netflix! (Babby Daddy is a hilarious series to watch if you haven’t watched it, and they have 5 seasons on there right now!)
  8. Write about it – There’s something therapeutic about just writing down your current feelings, and don’t worry about how it sounds – this is just for you! It will be fun to be able to look back after the baby’s born too!
  9. Read a good book! – I’ve noticed there are a lot of virtual book clubs, where you can enjoy some good books and enjoy the fun of a book club, all from the comfort of your own home! ((insert < if you’re an introvert like me>)) 
  10. Shopping – This doesn’t necessarily have to be for clothes (there were times, shopping for clothes actually made me depressed not happy), but I loved shopping for the nursery, or baby’s clothes and fun little things. You know, a little retail therapy!
And just a little funny for the road – this will definitely have you laughing! Why you should get pregnant ASAFP.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristatorres/reasons-why-being-pregnant-is-super-easy?utm_term=.siV5zjXgA#.bfoR8aKYo

~XO, K

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