5 Lies I Learned During My Pregnancy


Counting down the days for our little one to arrive! She still has a couple more months to go, but we are so excited for her to be here! Pregnancy has definitely not been a walk in the park for me by any means, but I am blessed beyond words and so thankful to be carrying our precious baby girl and can not wait to meet her in November! Below are 5 things I found to be total lies while being pregnant (for my pregnancy, I know there are those pregnant unicorn women, who have amazing pregnancies and I have nothing against them, I am just severely jealous!):


  1. Morning Sickness, is only in the morning – the word “morning” is a lie in and of itself, I threw up every morning, sometimes afternoon, sometimes evening for a month and a half straight ((all the while you’re telling yourself, I can do this without medication, while you hug the toilet every day). Something that helped me get through that first trimester was to tell myself that it would soon just be a memory and I would be holding our sweet baby in my arms in no time.
  2. Fit Pregnancy – first see above… there was no way I was working out that first trimester, throwing up constantly completely took it out of me, not to mention you’re so tired you can barely stay awake to eat (not that you want to from fear of seeing what you ate a second time). I tried really hard to keep up with my fitness routine that I had before, but I just couldn’t hack it, by the time I got the energy to work out again I hardly wanted to, and then could barely walk because my tailbone was shifting all kinds, causing immense pain. So I seriously give kudos to those mommas out there who can keep out a workout regimen while pregnant, you are amazing!
  3. The first “kicks” feel like butterflies – Not true for this momma, when I did feel her kick for the first time it felt exactly as I thought it would… like I was being kicked/punched by a tiny little hand or foot from the inside. Now the bigger she gets it even more so feels like this, but sometimes it’s mixed in with her rolling around in there, which is such a crazy feeling and sight to see my belly do waves when she rolls around! A woman’s body is incredible!
  4. You can eat whatever you want! – This is not true at all today. My midwife literally told me day one, that, that was a myth and I was not to eat like I was eating for two. In reality you only need to consume 300 more calories a day. That does not mean that you don’t get to a point where you want to eat everything in sight, far exceeding the extra “300 calories”. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are growing a baby in there!
  5. You can only gain “such and such” weight to be considered healthy – so this probably isn’t a lie, but I will tell you right now I have been VERY hard on myself because of being told this. My healthy weight gain should have been between 25-30 lbs.. which I still have two months left and have already hit my 40 lb mark of weight gained. I won’t lie to you, I cried when I saw that I had already hit the 30 lbs at 6 months. I was a very active individual pre-pregnancy, and weighed about 115 and now weigh in at about 155. I am not the most healthy eater, but not the most terrible. I have learned that my bodies going to gain and do what it wants in this pregnancy, no matter how great I eat or how much I walk – I’m growing a tiny human for pete’s sake! So ladies, try not to be too hard on yourselves and maybe stow away the scale until after baby is born. We are creating life, and that is an amazing thing in and of itself! We can work on losing that weight after baby!
Come back next Wednesday to see some tips & tricks to get through those rough pregnancy days with laughs instead of tears! Thanks for tuning into my rants for the week!
~XO, K

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