Coffee Chat #2

Happy Wednesday Morning!

I was lucky enough to have a three day weekend over Labor Day Weekend, but it threw my week off and I totally thought yesterday was Wednesday (hence the post I put yesterday… a day early). It happens.

I learned something new about my camera, that makes it a heck of a lot easier to shoot in manual mode! There is a little “camera button”, that literally has a little camera on it, that when you click it lets you view the scene on the screen versus through the little eye port. Viewing it this way, when you make any changes to the shutter speed, Aperture, etc., it shows you in real time exactly what the photo lighting is going to look like. Which is a huge help, because that was my biggest problem! I still shoot looking through the eye port (whatever the heck it’s called, what’s the actual term for that?) but, if I need to make adjustments and am unsure of which way to go with it, I just click that button to look at it on there! I should also mention, I have a Canon Rebel ti – it’s the camera on the main page of this blog under “Photography”. If you guys have any suggestions on great webinars or things like that for photography or learning Lightroom, things like that, let me know!


I am so ready to move on to the Fall weather – move over Summer days this gals ready for that 70 degree, clean crisp air feeling! I’m in that awkward phase where I’m trying to dress fall fashion, but it’s still almost too hot! I’m not super into pumpkin everything, I don’t really like pumpkin lattes or anything like that, so that doesn’t make me excited for Fall. I do however, like pumpkin cookies and pumpkin candles! I’ve already busted out some of my fall decor, and will probably take the rest out this weekend and get my house all “falled up” (haha get it, like dolled up, but falled…. I crack myself up 😛 ). My fall decor for my home are my favorite decorations, I would keep them up year round if it was socially acceptable!

I wonder why I’m late for work every morning… looks like it’s going to be a messy bun, and cute boots kinda day. Have a great day friends!

~XO, K

**None of the photos in this post are mine, nor do I claim them to be my photos. I obtained them through Pinterest. The featured image is from Thank you! 🙂


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