I am Allergic to Sunflowers

So funny story times two…

Part 1: I am allergic to sunflowers.

I can’t even stand near them without my eyes getting all red, itchy, and puffy. If I touch them? My skin will break out in little hives – so I don’t touch them, I won’t even lie I’m not even a big fan of sunflowers anyways, maybe I’m biased, but they’re not cute.

Part 2: There were a TON of wasps/bees flying around and on the sunflowers.

I also am not a big fan at all of bees, wasps, hornets of any kind. I’m that person that one wasp even flies near me and I run around flailing my arms in the air like a maniac. I am not the stand still and pray it doesn’t decide to land on you and just flies away (heck no, I am not risking it). The funny part of this story – I told my husband, who came out to see what I was doing (taking photos of the sunflowers, practicing using the camera in manual mode), that there were bees galore because of the sunflowers. So, naturally my husband decides he’s gonna just push one of the sunflowers down into another sunflower… and mind you the sunflowers have taken over the backyard, they are HUGE! I’m five foot tall, which is small, and these sunflowers were taller than me. Anyways, so I just told him “bees galore”, and he pushes several down with his foot… THE BEES START SWARMING AND FLYING AROUND EVERYWHERE BECAUSE HE DISTURBED THEM!!! You guys, I thought that was going to be my last day… We went running inside our house, trying to get the dogs to hurry inside so they didn’t get attacked, and I was like “everyone for themselves, I’m out!”

Luckily none of us got stung, and I at least got a few good photo of the sunflowers before I got swarmed by angry bees. So long story short – I edited the photos with my eyes all itchy, and now I have a funny story about how my husband doesn’t listen to the words I say when I speak (anybody else?). 😛


~XO, K


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