Coffee Chat #1

Good Morning!
So first off, anybody else crave ice while they were/are pregnant? It’s the weirdest thing to me, I just want to eat crushed ice all day long! Which is actually pretty funny, because eating ice is super loud and obnoxious (and call me a hypocrite already – I HATE when people are loud eaters/drinkers. Seriously, it makes me absolutely insane. So, the fact that I have such a strong craving to eat ice all the time is just funny because now I’m the loud obnoxious person crunching away on my crushed ice all day long. As I say that I’m staring longingly at my ice, trying to tell myself… no just drink the water.

I’ve been doing some research on photography, because I am by no means an expert in any realm. I know a few basic things like The Rule of Thirds, and how to use a couple editing tools in Lightroom, and how to set the camera to “creative auto”. I’m slowly but surely learning how to work the camera in manual mode. I know all about Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO but not well enough to be able to decide what all those modes should be in depending on the subjects and the setting of the photos you’re taking. So that’s my goal today to learn how to figure the settings based on what I’m shooting, wish me luck!

Alright my last random thought for this morning…. why is it, that everyone including people that might as well be strangers, try to give you all their baby stuff? The thought is super nice, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want or need all the stuff that your child used once and never used again, or the onesie that is so stained that no matter how many times you wash it, the stains not coming out. I am not opposed to hand me downs at all, but what I am opposed to, is that it’s like people come out of the wood work because they hear you’re having a baby and they just found an out to get rid of all their old baby stuff they don’t need anymore. So, I would take that thing you’re child used once and then never touched again, and the cycle would start again and I would be left with something my child only used once and trying to find the next pregnant woman to pawn it off on! So yeah, I really appreciate the thought – but no thank you.

– Also, I’m currently eating the ice from my cup now… addiction or craving, either way at least it’s just ice! 😛

~XO, K

2 thoughts on “Coffee Chat #1

  1. Valerie says:

    Haha, I didn’t crave ice per se but with my third child I would only drink water with ice in it. I never wanted or needed ice before that pregnancy or since!
    Good luck with the photography thing ^_^


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